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Is your dog lonely while you’re at work…sitting by the window, watching all the neighborhood doggies walk by, waiting for you to come home?
Does your dog like to play with other dogs, or need help with socialization?
Camp Little Wiggle welcomes your fuzzy friend for play dates!

Do you often go out of town for work?
Are you planning a vacation, but can’t bring your fluffy troublemaker?
Camp Little Wiggle is waiting for your fur-kid’s arrival to the slumber party!

Your snuggle monster is a part of our family “pack”, here at Camp Little Wiggle.  We have plenty of pupper friends who are excited to meet him/her and have an energetic game of “chase” in our big back yard!
Or take a snooze inside the house on a cushy, comfy bed, complete with a soft blanket (for those little “burrowers”;) and a sleepy partner to spoon with if preferred!

Please call 818-280-9197 for more information!